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History Course: Asian History

In our programmes, students develop their research skills based on empirical analyses: textual research and fieldwork, which enable them to understand human behaviour from the past to the present historically and to engage proactively with the formation of history and culture in Japanese and international society.

About the Program

Our Asian History program mainly covers East Asia and the Islamic World. Our goal is to improve students’ ability to read and analyse primary sources, to interpret historical topics in many different perspectives, and to share their research with the public. While some students pursue a PhD, others go into business or civil service after obtaining their master’s degree.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
OGATA Yasushi, Professor Intellectual History of Modern and Contemporary China
MASHITA Hiroyuki, Professor History of Islamicate South Asia, History of Early Modern Indian Ocean
ITO Takao, Associate Professor Arabic and Islamic Studies, History of the Pre-Modern Islamicate World
MURAI Kyoko, Associate Professor Medieval History of China, History of Tang China