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Literature Course: European Literature

By researching classical texts and developing solid language skills, our students develop analytical skills that will allow them to pass on our literary heritage to the next generation and become bridges between cultures.

About the Program

European Literature Program consists of German, French and Italian branches. Through lectures, seminars and individual researches, our students deepen their understanding of European languages and cultures. Starting with a basic analysis of texts, one can try to make full use of various methodologies as different perspectives to understand each text and its background. In a warm and familiar atmosphere, academic staff guides students to write the academic papers, including master’s and Ph.D. dissertations.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
MASUMOTO Hiroko, Professor Modern German Literature and Swiss Culture Studies
NAKAHATA Hiroyuki, Professor Early Modern and Modern French Literature
HISAYAMA Yuho, Associate Professor German Literature, History of Ideas, Atmospheric Studies
KAWAI Naruo, Professor Italian Literature and Thought