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History Course: Japanese History

In our programmes, students develop their research skills based on empirical analyses: textual research and fieldwork, which enable them to understand human behaviour from the past to the present historically and to engage proactively with the formation of history and culture in Japanese and international society.

About the Program

The Japanese history program aims to gain a structured and dynamic understanding of the state and society that have developed on the Japanese archipelago from ancient times until modern times. To that end, it is necessary to develop analytical reading comprehension, a deep understanding of scholarly research, and a broad perspective to think about the problems of Japanese history within the context of history as a whole. In the Japanese history program, we develop these abilities not only through seminar coursework, but also through actual fieldwork, where students can improve their abilities through practical training and learn to construct an image of history and maintain regional historical heritage.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
OKAMURA Hiroshi, Professor Modern Japanese History
ICHIZAWA Tetsu, Professor Medieval Japanese History
FURUICHI Akira, Professor Ancient Japanese History
YOSHIKAWA Keita, Associate Professor Modern Japanese History