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MURAI Kyoko, Ph.D. (Associate Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

PhD, Beijing Normal University (2008), MA, Osaka City University (1998). In 2009, Murai became a member of Kobe University. In Jul - Sep 2013, she became a visiting research scholar of International Academy for China Studies of Peking University.

Fields of Specialization

Medieval history of China
History of Tang China

Selected Publications

  • Hexi and Daibei : The Relations between the Local Military Authorities in a Peripheral Area of the Tang and Nomadic Troops during the First Half of the 9th Century, Toyoshi Kenkyu, 74(2), 2015, pp. 47-82.
  • A Consideration of the Tang Dynasty's Governance Policy during Xuanzong Era for the Northwest Peripheral Region, Journal of Tang Studies, 16, 2010, pp. 279-304.