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Philosophy Course: Philosophy Program

Philosophers have been pursuing philosophia, “the love of wisdom,” since ancient times. Our students learn to use the insights cultivated through philosophy to delve into the problems of modern society. Some become specialists who will pass on these skills to the next generation.

About the Program

Our philosophy course is split into two programs: philosophy and ethics. Ranging from Ancient Greek to modern analytical philosophy, our teaching staff specializes in a diverse variety of research. In addition to lectures and reading seminars, students can participate in our joint seminars where they present their own research and receive feedback from other students and professors. Students receive individualized guidance while writing their master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. We organize research conferences and regularly publish a journal, AICHI. The postgraduate careers of our students include researchers, teachers, civil servants, and employees at publishers and other companies.

In addition to teaching hermeneutics and critical analysis, we also partner with universities overseas, giving our students an opportunity to develop the communication skills demanded of modern scholars.

Avademic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
CHATANI Naoto, Professor Ancient Greek philosophy, bioethics
KATO Kenji, Associate Professor French philosophy
NIIKAWA Takuya, Associate Professor Philosophy of mind (especially philosophy of consciousness and philosophy of perception)