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Philosophy Course: Ethics

Philosophers have been pursuing philosophia, “the love of wisdom,” since ancient times. Our students learn to use the insights cultivated through philosophy to delve into the problems of modern society. Some become specialists who will pass on these skills to the next generation.

About the Program

Ethics is an academic inquiry into our way of life. Humans and society are currently experiencing unprecedented change. During this historic moment, we need to reconsider of our values and create new “vision for living together.” Along with the philosophy program, our ethics program explores the problems posed by modern philosophy through theoretical and comparative philosophical perspectives. Our interdisciplinary “Rinri Sōsei Project” brings together staff and graduate students from throughout the Faculty of Humanities to wrestle with problems relating to topics such as life, environment, technology, and war.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
NAKA Mao, Professor Modern philosophy, Ethics
ABE Satomi, Associate Professor Metaethics, Bioethics