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Literature Course: Japanese Language and Literature

By researching classical texts and developing solid language skills, our students develop analytical skills that will allow them to pass on our literary heritage to the next generation and become bridges between cultures.

About the Program

We research the peculiarities of Japanese linguistic culture as well as the universality of humanity as seen through Japanese culture. In the master’s program, our students hone textual analysis skills, while in the doctoral program, they receive training in high-level research skills.

Teachers in this program specialize in Japanese literature (pre-modern, Edo Period, and modern), Japanese language, and Japanese language education. In order to accommodate diverse student research topics and career aspirations, we cover all fields of Japanese language and literature. There are ample opportunities for students to present and publish their research, including our annual research conference, our journal Kokubun Ronsō, and Kenkyu Note, which is independently published by our graduate students.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
HIGUCHI Daisuke, Professor Medieval Japanese literature, East Asia comparative literature
ISHIYAMA Yuji, Associate Professor Japanese language(History of Japanese language)
KAJIO Fumitake, Associate Professor Modern Japanese Literature
ARISAWA Tomoyo, Assistant Professor Edo Period Japanese Literature
SANEHIRA Masao, Professor Japanese Language Education