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Knowledge systems course: psychology

Instilling in our students an understanding of both language-based intellectual activity and the senses and emotions that underpin our action and intelligence, from a scientific perspective that moves beyond the realm of the traditional humanities. Through this we aim to cultivate individuals who contribute to a new vision of what it means to be human.

About the Program

In the psychology department we use experiments, surveys, and observation as part of empirical research on the senses, perception, movement, learning, memory, language, development and social action, as well as the psychology that sits behind these phenomena. Students who have graduated from our Master’s program have gone on to both enter doctoral programs engaging in specialist research, and find jobs in broader society. With regards to the development of our students, we put particular emphasis on the external dissemination of research findings, encouraging students from Master’s level to condense their findings into articles and submit them to journals, and encouraging doctoral students to publish multiple articles in both domestic and international journals by the time they complete their program.

Picture showing eye movements patterns
The coloured areas on the photograph represent sections directly observed by a person looking at the photograph. The colour spectrum, moving from warmer colours through to red, shows the length that the observer looked at a particular area of the photograph.

A scene from an experiment measuring eye movement
By examining information such as which images shown on the screen are being looked at, as well as how long an area is being looked at for, we can gain an understanding of what precisely we pay attention to when looking at an object.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
Professor KITA Shinichi vision science, cognitive neuroscience
Associate Professor NOGUCHI Yasuki cognitive neuroscience
Associate Professor YANAGISAWA Kuniaki social psychology, social neuroscience