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Sociocultural studies course: sociology

Cultivating students who contribute to sociocultural formation through investigation and analysis of the dynamics of modern society with fieldwork as a primary research method, elucidating within an international framework the various issues of contemporary society as well as those which surround the transformation of specific local or model cultures, from a perspective that highlights the interrelation between social structure and cultural form.

About the Program

Here in the sociology department we examine, through comparative cultural research on Japan, Asia, Europe and America, the foundational structure of society, as formed through communities such as family, village, rural society, and the city. We also look at how contemporary society, made up as it is of associations, networks, and individual emergent activities, forms new cultural values within the dynamic between global interaction and multi-faceted local particularities. We take a pro-active approach to the various phenomena that emerge as part of a continually changing contemporary society, promoting both in-depth research on long-standing social theory as well as creative theoretical work that seeks to reconsider and rework it.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
Professor Shiratori Yoshihiko sociology
Professor Hirai Shoko family sociology, demography
Associate Professor Sasaki Tasuku rural sociology, historical ethnography
Associate Professor Kuroda Chiharu comparative/international pedagogy
Associate Professor Umemura Mugio theoretical sociology, history of sociological thought