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Knowledge systems course: art theory

Instilling in our students an understanding of both language-based activities and the senses/emotions that underpin our actions and intelligence, from a scientific perspective that goes beyond the realm of the traditional humanities. Through this process, we aim to nurture individuals who contribute to a new perspective of what being human is all about.

About the Program

The current changes in the field of arts and new media continue to diversify human sensual experience. Our program is not only engaged in the traditional discipline of reading professional literature on aesthetics but also is intended to develop research capability in various fields of contemporary art and their theoretical aspects. It is based on specializing in the philosophy or psychology of human aesthetic experience and on intensive analyses of various artistic expressions, including comprehensive research in the area of contemporary art and contemporary culture (audio-visual products such as cinema, television, internet, design theory, and modern architecture). Students are expected to complete written assignments throughout a continuous intensive exchange among faculty and graduate students in a rigorous critical atmosphere.

Academic Staff

Faculty Name Fields of Specialization
Professor NAGASAKA Ichiro Theory of Design
Professor OHASHI Kantaro Contemporary Western Aesthetics, Art Theory and Cultural Representation Theory, with a particular focus on France.
Associate Professor KODERA Rie Art History, Art Theory, Aesthetics, Text and Image