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NIIKAWA Takuya, Ph.D. (Associate Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

B.A, Education, Hokkaido University of Education (Japan), 2008
M.A., Philosophy, Hokkaido University (Japan), 2010
Ph.D., Philosophy, Hokkaido University (Japan), 2015
JSPS Postdoctoral Researcher at Chiba University (From April 2015 until March 2018)
Associate Researcher at Hokkaido University (From April 2018 until March 2020)
JSPS Oversea Postdoctoral Researcher at Institut Jean Nicod, École Normale Supérieure (From May 2018 until March 2020)
Associate Professor at Kobe University (From April 2020)

Fields of Specialization

Philosophy of Mind (especially Philosophy of Consciousness and Philosophy of Perception)

Selected Publications

  • Takuya Niikawa,“Naïve Realism and the Conception of Hallucination as Non-Sensory Phenomena”, Disputatio 9(26), 2017.
  • Takuya Niikawa,“Moral Status and Consciousness”, The Annals of the University of Bucharest - Philosophy series 60 (1), 2018.
  • Takuya Niikawa,“Classification of Disjunctivism about the Phenomenology of Visual Experience”, The Journal of Philosophical Research 44, 2019.
  • Takuya Niikawa,“Illusionism and Definitions of Phenomenal Consciousness”, Philosophical Studies 178, 2020.
  • Takuya Niikawa, Yoshiyuki Hayashi, Joshua Shepherd, Tsutomu Sawai, “Human Brain Organoids and Consciousness”, Neuroethics 15(1), 2022.