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Composition of the School of Humanities

The School of Humanities consists of two divisions. In addition, four collaborative research organizations provide school-wide joint subjects.

Division of Human Social Dynamics

The Division of Human Social Dynamics emphasizes both source-based studies and fieldwork. Thus we train students to analyze independently and critically socio-cultural dynamics and to contribute to forming new societal norms and culture.
In the Master’s Course, while instilling the basic abilities of researchers, we promote talent which can enliven the humanities in a knowledge-based society.
In the Doctoral Course, we foster independent researchers who have the abilities to conceive of research and to organize it.

Entry Limit

  • Master’s Course: 30
  • Doctoral Course: 12

Degrees Attainable:

  • Master’s Course: Master’s Degree (Letters)
  • Doctoral Course: Ph. D. (Letters) or Ph.D. (Science)


History Courses

Japanese History, Asian History, European History

Here, students are trained to investigate historically human behavior and culture through text analysis, archive research and fieldwork and to be prepared for careers in public life and professional practice.

Cognitive Systems Studies Courses

Psychology, Linguistics, Art Theory

We pursue academic excellence that understands cognitive activities based on language, behavior, feeling, and sensation from an interdisciplinary perspective and can thus contribute to the formation of new human views.

Socio-Cultural Studies Courses

Sociology, Art History, Geography,

We promote talent which can contribute to the formation of society and culture by surveying and analyzing the dynamics of contemporary society through fieldwork, and from the viewpoint of the mutual relation between social structure and cultural forms, elucidate the various problems of contemporary society, and problems related to changes in local native and fluid cultures from an international perspective.

Related Course : Cultural Resources(Doctoral Course Only)

We carry out positive and applied research on cultural objects and cultural resources. In collaboration with two of Japan’s foremost museums, the Museum Yamato Bunkakan and the Nara National Museum, one can study the actual management of museums and methods of preserving cultural objects. Moreover, by learning the latest scientific survey techniques and experiencing survey work at various field sites, the students are instilled with the breadth of knowledge and practical skills to build a network of information and contacts and are nurtured to be well-informed personnel who can oversee work in preserving and administering cultural objects at museums and local government bodies.