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Composition of the School of Humanities

The School of Humanities consists of two divisions. In addition, four collaborative research organizations provide school-wide joint subjects.

Division of Human Cultural Studies

Through teaching and research in the classic works, the Division of Human Cultural Studies trains students to inquire into the contemporary meaning of each and every cultural phenomenon.
In the Master’s Course, while instilling the basic abilities of researchers, we foster talent which can enliven the humanities in a knowledge-based society. In the Doctoral Course, we foster independent researchers who have the abilities to both design and organize original research.

Entry Limit

  • Master’s Course: 20
  • Doctoral Course: 8

Degrees Attainable:

  • Master’s Course: Master’s Degree (Letters)
  • Doctoral Course: Ph. D. (Letters) or Ph. D. (Science)


Philosophy Course

Philosophy, Ethics

We foster human talent that can, through studying the wisdom and values of humankind, gain a keen insight into the various problems in contemporary society and help solve them, keeping touch with the development of science and technology. Moreover we train specialists who have the educational ability to pass on their knowlege and skills to succeeding generations.

Literature Course

Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese and Korean Literature,
British and American Literature, European Literature

We empower talented minds through research skills in classic texts and analytical skills based on an assured knowledge of languages. Thus, we enable them to carry our shared literary heritage forward into the future with the understanding that they may lead as competent intermediaries in intercultural dialogue.