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Hart Crane (1899-1932)

Crane photo
Photographed by Harry Crosby, Le Moulin, 1929.
(Photographs, Caresse Crosby Papers, Southern Illinois U at Carbondale's Library Affairs Showcase)
Used by permission

	What laughing chains the water wove and threw!
	I learned to catch the trout's moon whisper; I
	Drifted how many hours I never knew,
	But, watching, saw that fleet young crescent die,---

	And one star, swinging, take its place, alone,
	Cupped in the larches of the mountain pass ---
	Until, immortally, it bled into the dawn.
	I left my sleek boat nibbling margin grass. . .	

	[(from "The Dance") The Bridge]
	Copyright (c) 1970 Liveright Publishing Corporation

Biographical Notes

For biographical aspects and some interesting comments by Derek Walcott on Crane's prosody, Voices & Visions video "Hart Crane" from Mystic Fire Video might be of some help.


I've compiled the above information referring to some standard reference materials, including The Oxford Companion to American Literature, Grolier Encyclopedia, etc.

Some Notes on The Bridge

Interlinear Readings of The Bridge

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