Notes on The Bridge (7)

I. Ave Maria (s. 2- )

Crested and creeping, troughing corridors (s. 2)
trough: Geol. To form into a trough or into the shape of a trough. (OED 1b)

And lowered. And they came out to us crying, (s. 4)
lower: absol. (OED 1b) = to haul down a sail.

Yet under tempest-lash and surfeitings (s. 5)
surfeit: to become disgusted or nauseated by excess of something; to grow sick of. Now rare or Obs (OED 4b).

Palos again, --a land cleared of long war. (s. 8)
Reconquista lasted 711-1492.

Te Deum laudamus, for thy teeming span! (s. 10)
Te Deum: sung as a thanksgiving on special occasions, as after a victory or deliverance (OED).

This is a page of interlinear reading of, and notes on, Hart Crane's The Bridge by Eiichi Hishikawa. Copyright (c) 1996 Eiichi Hishikawa.
The source of Crane texts is The Bridge (NY: Liveright, 1970). Copyright (c) 1933, 1958, 1970 Liveright Publishing Corporation.

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