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M. Vallor, Assistant Professor

Ph.D(Japanese Literature), Stanford University
Research area: Medieval Japanese Buddhism and literature

Studies in Global Humanities
This class will survey Japanese poetry in English translation from ancient times to the modern period. Class lectures will include small group discussions and activities.

Seminar in Global Communication
Students will have the chance to improve their oral and written communication skills by considering images of traditional Japanese culture in global media.

Message to Students
In the lecture class, we will glimpse into the tradition of Japanese poetry and see the world through poets’ eyes across the ages, from the time of the Manyōshū to the early 20th century. In seminar, we’ll work on improving discussion skills and writing ability in English as we consider traditional Japanese culture from a global perspective.


Oxford Summer Program at Hertford College

This three-week summer program at Hertford College will provide an opportunity for students to learn not only English but also history, culture, society, and literature in England. The participants will stay in the dormitory on campus, with Oxford students serving as their residential advisors. The participants will enjoy intercultural exchange through extracurricular activities organized by the RAs.