The Place of V 4 Countries in Europe and Japan

Coordinator:YUI Kiyomitsu

Theme and Objectives

The course is about consideration of the place and the significance of V4 countries in Europe / EU, the relationship between Japan and V4 countries, and the place and significance of V4 countries in Japan as well.

This course is both for Japanese students as well as overseas students of short term mobility. Students change every semester, official enrollment on one semester base.

Though there is a great interest for Europe in Japan, nevertheless there is little knowledge among Japanese students concerning the heterogeneity of European experiences and little would s/he know about the V4 countries. By this we aim to show our students that Europe is not a monolith, but a continent with numerous faces, opinions, traditions. The topics of discussion cover, the role of religion, tradition, migration, developmental policies, human rights, historical relation between V4 area and Japan, cultural exchange between Japan and V4, and comparative studies on them, etc. Attendants can learn all these issues directly from the eminent scholars of the area.

Description and Schedule

Course consists of 15 class sessions during one semester which starts in October 2017 to February, 2018 (half a year), giving (Japanese) students 2 credits. These credits can be transferred to the overseas students’ home institutions, and how many credits can be counted by the home institutions depends on the rule the institutions apply. There will be 3 enrollments (three semesters) from October 2017 to February 2019.

1. 本コース全体についての紹介と説明
2. Brexitの衝撃と EUおよび日本との関係、英国からのゲスト・スピーカーによる特別講義
3. 日本とV4諸国間における文化交流について(1)
4. ヨーロッパ人自身の見方から考えるV4 諸国, 欧州からのゲスト・スピーカーによる特別講義
5. 日本とV4諸国間における文化交流について(2)
6. V4諸国と日本との歴史的関係について(1)神戸-ポーランド関係:一つの歴史
7. V4諸国と日本との歴史的関係について(2)
8. V4諸国とEUにおける移民問題をめぐる全体状況について
9. V4 諸国と欧州における宗教の様々な役割について
10. これまでの様々な論点をめぐるV4諸国及びEUをめぐる現状について―スカイプによる現地教授の参加を組み込んだ特別講義とミニ・ワークショップ
11. V4諸国、EUそして日本をめぐる比較研究(1)
12. V4諸国、EUそして日本をめぐる比較研究(2)ミニ・ワークショップ
13. これまでの様々な論点をめぐる発展研究:日本及びアジアの研究らによる討議
14. V4及び欧州の研究らによる応答
15. これまでの様々な論点をめぐる比較研究の議論とミニ・ワークショップ