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FUKUNAGA Susumu, Ph.D. (Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

FUKUNAGA Susumu received his B.A.(1980),M.A.(1983) and Ph.D.(2013) in Literature from
Tokyo University. He had job at Aichi Prefectural University from 1986 to September of 1998.
On October of 1998 he became a member of Kobe University.

Fields of Specialization

Japanese literature in the Heian Period
Historical narratives

Selected Publications

  • Eiga-Monogatari ①, Tokyo, Syogakkan, 1995
  • Eiga-Monogatari ②, Tokyo, Syogakkan, 1996
  • Eiga-Monogatari ③,Tokyo, Syogakkan, 1998
  • How were the historical narratives developed in the Heian Period?, Tokyo, Kasama-Syoin, 2011