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KITA Shinichi, (Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

Shinichi Kita worked for the Advanced Telecommunication Research Laboratory, the International Institute for Advanced Study of Social Information Science, and the Department of Psychology, the University of Tokyo. At present he works for the Department of Psychology, Kobe University.

Fields of Specialization

He has conducted research projects on experimental psychology of human perception and its related research areas: cognitive neuroscience, mathematical modeling of neural networks, virtual reality, and universal design for visually impaired people.

Selected Publications

  • Yokoyama, T., Noguchi, Y., Koga, H., Tachibana, R., Saiki, J., Kakigi, R., & Kita, S. (2014). Multiple neural mechanisms for coloring words in synesthesia. NeuroImage, 94, 360-371.
  • Ishibashi, K., Kita, S., & Wolfe, J. M. (2012). The effects of local prevalence and explicit expectations on search termination times. Attention, Perception and Psychophysics, 74(1), 115-123.