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ABE Satomi, (Associate Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

Withdraw after Research and Guidance Approval, Kyoto University, Graduate School of letters (2018)
Specially Appointed Lecturer at Mie University (From April 2020 until September 2021)
Lecturer at Kobe University (From October 2021)

Fields of Specialization


Selected Publications

  • “Highly Invasive Preventive Interventions and The Principle of Non-maleficence”, Studies of Advanced Ethics the Sentanrinri Kenkyu 14, 2020.
  • “Can We Explain the Normativity of Obligation Reductively? : On Raz’s Exclusionary reasons”, Studies in British Philosophy 42, 2019.
  • “On the Biconditional Relationship between Reasons and Values”, Rinrigaku-Nenpo 68, 2019.