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YUI Kiyomitsu, Ph.D. (Professor) [KUID]

Personal Background

YUI Kiyomitsu received his B.A (1977) from Waseda University, M.A, (1981) and Ph.D (1992) from Kobe University. He has been teaching at Kobe University from 1988. He is currently Executive Adviser to the President in Charge of International Collaboration, and Executive Director, Centre for EU Academic Collaboration, Kobe University, and Professor of Sociology.

Fields of Specialization

Sociological Theory and the history of sociology from G.H.Mead via T.Parsons to U. Beck. Also he has been interested in the process of modernization, second modernization, and (Japanese) popular culture in the comparative and global context.

Selected Publications

  • Multiple Modernities and Japan: Nagai Kafū and H.G. Wells, in New Steps in Japanese Studies, Ca’ Foscari Japanese Studies Series 5, 2017.
  • From ‘This is Not a Pipe’ to ‘This is Not Fukushima’ : Global Disaster and Visual Communication, in The Consequences of Global Disasters, ed.by A. Elliott et.al., 2016, Routledge.