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KOYAMA Keiko, Ph.D. (Professor) [Webpage] [KUID]

Personal Background

KOYAMA Keiko received her D.E.A. in 2001 from the Lumiere University of Lyon II (France) and her PhD in 2003 from the University of Kyushu (Japan). Her research interests focus on the King’s relationship with the towns, especially through the royal entry ceremony in the 16th century, public officials and the elites in urban society, and recently, the immigrants and the settlement of foreigners in Early Modern Lyon. In 2005, she became a member of Kobe University.

Fields of Specialization

Early Modern French History
French Renaissance and Absolute Monarchy
Urban History in the 16th century

Selected Publications

  • KOYAMA, Keiko, « Les Immigrants et l’espace urbain de Lyon au XVIe siècle: une colonie florentine de Lyon », French Studies, 2022, t. 76, n. 2, pp. 159-174.
  • KOYAMA, Keiko, « Les députés de Lyon en cour et l’art des communications de la ville et du pouvoir royal au XVIe siècle », Parliaments, Estates and Representation, 2018, t. 38, n. 2, pp. 147-160.
  • KOYAMA Keiko, French Renaissance Monarchy and Urban Society in Lyon, Kyushu University Press (Fukuoka), 2006.