A Bibliography of Linguistic Expressions for Motion Events, ver. 3.0


Yo Matsumoto (Kobe University)
Dan I. Slobin (University of California, Berkeley)
Kimi Akita (Osaka University)


This is a slightly updated version as of January 2012.

This bibliography is divided into two parts: the English bibliography (Part I) and the Japanese bibliography (Part II). The latter contains entries for works written in Japanese only. Some of those entries listed in Part II are also listed in Part I in romanized forms. Part I is a result of a joint work of Yo Matsumoto and Dan I. Slobin, and Part II is maintained by Yo Matsumoto. You might have a difficulty in reading Part II if you do not have an appropriate font.
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Part I (English)
Part II (Japanese)


Last update: 15 January 2012