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Hideki KISHIMOTO - Professor of Linguistics

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Research Interest
  1. Interaction of Lexical Information and Grammatical Relations
    Researching the types of grammatical relations are available in natural language by probing into factors that govern the mapping relation of arguments to grammatical structures.
  2. Phrase Structure of Natural Language
    Investigating the nature and the role of phrase structure in Universal Grammar, which constitutes an atomic component of natural language.
Selected Publications
  1. BOOKS
    • Nihongo-no Bunseki-to Gengoruikei: Shibatan Masayoshi Kyoujyu Kanreki Ronbunshu [Analysis and Typology of Japanese: A Fetschrift for Professor Masayoshi Shibatani]. eds. by Taro Kageyama and Hideki Kishimoto. Kurosio, Tokyo. 2004.
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    • Zyozyutu-to Syuusyoku [Predication and Modification]. (with Akira Kikuchi), Monographs in English Linguistics 5, pp. 230+ viii, Kenkyushya, Tokyo. 2008.
    • Goi-no Imi-to Bunpou [Meanings and Grammer of Vocabulary]. eds. by Yoko Yumoto and Hideki Kishimoto. Kurosio, Tokyo. 2009.
    • Beisikku Seiseibunpoo [Introduction to Generative Grammar]. pp. 148+vii, Hituzi, Tokyo. 2009.
    • Kotoba-no Taishou [Contrast of Languages]. Kuroshio, Tokyo. 2010.
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    • Bunpou Genshou-kara Toraeru Nihongo [Japanese from the Perspective of Grammatical Phenomena] Kaitakusha Gengo/Bunka Sensho 53, Kaitakusha, Tokyo. 2015.
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