Kobe University
Graduate School of Humanities
Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
Young Researchers International Training Program (ITP)

“Multilateral Education and Research Program for a Symbiotic Society in East Asia

4.     Procedures Upon Return to Japan
   1.     Confirmation of Return to Japan
    After returning to Japan , please contact your advisor,  the Secretary-General of the
    Humanities Departments and to the Office of Student Affairs of your respective departments.

 Travel Expense Adjustment(to be completed within two weeks after return)

   ○ Flight ticket stub
   ○  Air ticket receipt or bill (not required if submitted prior to departure)

 ※ Please bring your stamp

 【Submit to:Public Affairs Office, School of Humanities】 

  (3) Submission of Report
     A report of 1,000 words outlining your research abroad  must be handed in by the beginning of July 2010.

Debriefing Session for Students Dispatched to Institutions Abroad

   A debriefing session based on the students’ reports will be held in mid-July 2010.


        Contact: Office of General Affairs, Department of Humanities
          TEL:078-803-5591 ・ Mail: lsoumu@lit.kobe-u.ac.jp

             Office of Student Affairs, the Graduate School of Humanities
          TEL:078-803-5595 ・ Mail: lkyomu@lit.kobe-u.ac.jp

             International Cooperation Studies
          TEL:078-803-7267 ・ Mail: gsics-kyomu@office.kobe-u.ac.jp

             The Graduate School of Humanities
          TEL:078-803-5590 ・ Mail: nisihasi@port.kobe-u.ac.jp