In this project, the Graduate School of Humanities and the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies at Kobe University will collaborate with each other with the aim of training young researchers to develop a grand design for dialogue and symbiosis in the politically and culturally complex area of East Asia. We achieve this goal through integrated education of various subjects in area studies and historical/cultural studies on the basis of the traditional East Asian Studies both in Asia and in the West. We will strive to train young researchers to make a grand design that can solve political, diplomatic and cultural problems facing East Asia today.

 To achieve the goals mentioned above, we will strive to develop an integrated
program of humanities and social sciences in the field of East Asian Studies, and
to train internationally-minded young researchers to develop high research abilities,
write excellent academic theses, and present their own work in foreign languages.
This project covers a wide range of academic fields including but not restricted to
the following:

1) Area Studies (Asian studies, modern Chinese studies, modern Korean studies)
2) Political Science (Chinese politics, Korean politics, Taiwanese politics, History
  of diplomacy)
3) History (Oriental history, Japanese history, Art history)
4) Sociology (Social structure, Social dynamics, Socio-cultural studies)
5) Language and Literature (English and English literature, East Asian literature)