1st International Conference: Applied Ethics and Applied Philosophy in East Asia


Date: 26-7 July 2010

Place: Z201, 202 Room, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University, Japan




26, July, 2010


Opening Speech: 9:30-

Mamoru Sasaki (Professor, Kobe University)


Session I (Engineering Ethics): 9:40-12:00

Chairperson: Akira Haji (Associate Professor, Kobe University)


Whose STS? Which Rationality? The Philosophical Significance of East Asian STS Studies

Yuann Jeu-Jeng (Professor, National Taiwan University)


What is a rational risk evaluation? \maximin principle and decision-making under uncertainty

Takashi Naruse (Assistant Professor, Kobe University)


Ethical Technology Assessment against the Chinese Cultural Background

Wang Qian, Yang Huimin (Professor/Graduate Student, Dalian University of Technology)


Promoting Awareness of Technology Ethics: Challenge and Solution for Science & Technology Professionals 

Wen Chengwei (Professor, Dalian University of Technology)


Lunch Time/ Committee: 12:00-13:00


Session II (Bioethics): 13:00-15:20     

Chairperson: Naoto Chatani (Associate Professor, Kobe University)


Current Status of Clinical Trials in China

Shan Wei (Graduate Student, Zhejiang University)


Autopoiesis and Bioethics

Xu Yan (Graduate Student, Zhejiang University)


Fair Gaming: Against Genetic Enhancement

Chiu Chen-Hsun (Ph.D Student, National Taiwan University)


A Sports Ethical Analysis of the Problem of Baseball Scholarship Student in Japan.

Hiroyuki Inaoka (Ph.D fellow, Kobe University)


Coffee Break: 15:20-15:50


Session III (Environmental Ethics): 15:50-17:35

Chairperson: Nobuo Kazashi (Professor, Kobe University)


Deliberative Democracy and the Environment

Wu Tse-Mei (Ph.D Candidate, National Taiwan University)


A Consideration about the Foundation of Precautionary Principle: From Japanese Cases and Discussion in Environmental Ethics

Tsuyoshi Matsuda (Professor, Kobe University)


eDeep ecologyf: The view of nature in Asia 

Sakura Yahata (Graduate Student, Kobe University)


Welcome Party: 18:00-



27, July, 2010


Session IV (Gender): 10:00-11:45

Chairperson: Yuann Jeu-Jeng (National Taiwan University)


On Rae Langtonfs Silencing Argument against Pornography

Chen Yi-Yung (Graduate Student, National Taiwan University)


From Sex Dualism to Sexual Diversity: From Analysis of Psychological Pain in Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in Japan

Yoshiaki Motobayashi (Graduate Student, Kobe University)


Ethical analysis of homosexuality in contemporary China

Ma Xi (Graduate Student, Zhejiang University)


Lunch Time/ Committee: 11:45-13:00


Session V (Various Fields of Applied Ethics): 13:00-14:45

Chairperson: Wang Qian (Dalian University of Technology)


How to Treat Differences in Modern Civil Society?

Lester Chen(Graduate Student, National Taiwan University)


Turning Point of Digital Culture: Ubiquitous computing Technology and Dwelling: the existential implication of Ubiquitous Computing Technology

Jong Kwan Lee (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University)


Irradiated Body and Power: The Visible and the Invisible of the Post-Hiroshima Age

Nobuo KAZASHI (Professor, Kobe University)


Coffee Break: 14:45-15:15


Session VI (Foundation of Applied Ethics): 15:15-17:35

Chairperson: Tsuyoshi Matsuda (Kobe University)


gConcrete Situationsh and Practical Judgment in Ethics\\Methodological Considerations Concerning An Introduction of gAction Researchh to Applied Ethics\\

Akira HAJI (Associate Professor, Kobe University)


The Practical Turning of Engineering Ethics Education 

Cong Hangqing, Guo Huiyun (Professor/Graduate Student, Zhejiang University)


The Philosophico-Social Analysis on the Possibilities of Ethics of Science

Hong Xiaonan (Professor, Dalian University of technology)


Toward an Empirical Ethics in Technology: Embedded Humanist as a Case 

Qin Zhu and Yang Yu & Erik Fisher (Ph.D Candidate, Dalian University of Technology/ Center for Nanotechnology in Society, Arizona State University)


Closing Speech: 17:35-

Tsuyoshi Matsuda


Banquet: 18:00-




Tsuyoshi Matsuda (Kobe University)

Akira Haji (Kobe University)

Naoto Chatani (Kobe University)



Hiroyuki Inaoka (Kobe University) (hinaoka_at_lit.kobe-u.ac.jp)